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Welcome to the OC Kid’s Mom Blog

Hi! My name is Lauren, and I am the founder of Orange County Kid Events. Thank you for visiting my OC Kid’s Mom Blog.

A little about me- I created the OCKE website because being a mom of two little ones (Gino-4, Gigi-1), I felt the need first hand for a comprehensive calendar of kid-friendly events in my local community. While there are plenty of event calendars online, none were quite what I was looking for. Yes I know that Disney is open on Tuesdays…yes there are plenty of gymnastics classes open on Saturdays…but what about daily events in my area that are free? I don’t always want to spend half a paycheck on a Saturday outing, because then I’ll be stuck at home with the little ones for the remainder of the week with no “fun money” left to do anything 😂. That’s why I created OCkidevents.com– where the calendar is for kid-friendly events that are FREE!

Amusement parks and attractions have a full team of marketing and advertising professionals to spread the word about their high admission cost events. But what about small, local venues that offer free events for families? Those small business and public community venues don’t typically employ a large team of advertising professionals, so the events they host are usually only available to a small number of people who happen to have heard about them. My goal is to spread the word about these free community events so that Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and Caregivers all over can be in the know, and spend more time making memories with their little ones every day of the week, without having to spend a fortune every day of the week.

I am ecstatic to be able to share free Orange County, CA events with you on our innovative OC Family Calendar of Events that is launching soon! I am also happy to share with you all of my fun family outings and moments here on my blog! Please be sure to subscribe below and to come back to see photos, reviews, and more of all of the events we attend, and the loving family memories we make.



Here is my “why” ❤ (Gino-age 4, Gigi-age 1)


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